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Browse the use examples 'you are my idol' in the great English  Define idol worship. idol worship synonyms, idol worship pronunciation, idol court of the Second Temple period, death sentences were almost never enforced. Understand 2 different senses of Idol in Urdu along with English definitions. The definition of Idol is followed by practically usable example sentences which  Find JAPANESE AV IDOL (CENTER VILLAGE) Virgin son potency boy in- sentence centervillage [DVD] at Amazon.com Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles  Idol Quotes .

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What is the meaning of IDOL? How do you use IDOL in a sentence? What are synonyms for IDOL? How to use idol in a sentence. Example sentences with the word idol.

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An idol is a type of god or an object to be worshipped. Today we use idol and hero to mean the same thing - someone we greatly admire . Idle, on the other hand, means lazy, so take your pick.

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Idol in a sentence

The difference is so slight you might not even notice it! That’s why you should focus on context. The words have completely different meanings and will not ever be used interchangeably. idol definition: 1. someone that you admire and respect very much: 2.

Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. Translate idol into Spanish. Find words for idol in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir idol de Inglés a español. Idol used in sentence example & words in English.

Idol in a sentence

It's not a complete, grammatically correct sentence.

To regard with great or uncritical admiration or devotion. (verb) idol sentences in Hindi. There are 50 example sentences for idol.
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a /idol - Engelsk-svensk ordbok - WordReference.com. Forumdiskussioner med ord(en) "a /idol" i titeln: A Swedish tongue cracking a simple sentence en idol = idol - Hans idol är en amerikansk brottare. His idol is an American wrestler.

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A drug dog raised an alert on the vehicle, leading a canine officer to search the car. Antonella Barba: From American Idol to Prison Sentence Aiden Mason 2 years ago For over 15 years now, American Idol has been on the of the most popular shows in America. Show More Sentences And everywhere Dominican girls in tight-fitting rayon hung heavy in doorways lined with caladium. The queens of the day are the Catherinettes, the unmarried girls who will celebrate their twenty-fifth birthday within the next twelve months. Idol then appeared in court on January 13, 2012, requesting a retrial "citing ineffective assistance of counsel". He was sentenced to 12 years in state prison September 27, 2012.